o;re not a legal drinker, there are plenty of venues around town that cater to those both under and over 21, whether they want to play trivia, hit the Golden Tee, or just pound a round or two (or five). This section consists of questions and multiple choice answers concerning some of the local hot spots and watering holes in the Charleston nightlife scene — from Folly Beach to Sullivan’s Island to downtown.

1. When do most professional bartenders call (or holler) “last call” in bars in the Charleston area?

A. around 2 a.m.

B. around midnight

C. around 1:45 a.m.

D. whenever they like

2. Which of these classic beach taverns requires a $1 annual “membership fee” and a 24-hour waiting period”?

A. The Windjammer

B. Atlanticville

C. One Eyed Parrot

D. Sand Dollar

3. In the Charleston area, which of these franchises can brag about having the most venues?

A. Wild Wing Café

B. Kickin’ Chicken

C. Firehouse Bar & Grill

D. Vickery’s

4. Before reopening as a beach bar in the 1970s, the old yellow building that houses Bert’s Island Characters on Sullivan’s Island used to be a:

A. hardware store

B. surf shop

C. pharmacy

D. police station

5. This Shem Creek venue allows folks to grab a drink at the highest elevated bar counter of all the creekside bars in the neighborhood:

A. Water’s Edge

B. Vickery’s

C. Red’s Ice House

D. RB’s

6. Which of these is the oldest bar in West Ashley?

A. Gene’s Haufbrau

B. High Spirits Lounge

C. Trayce’s First String

D. Voodoo

7. Which of these is the only authentic “brew pub”
— where they brew and serve their own ales and lagers in house — in operation in Charleston?

A. The Palmetto Brewing Co.

B. T-Bonz in the Market

C. Charleston Beer Works

D. Southend Brewery & Smokehouse

8. With no street-front sign, this offbeat King Street watering hole is among the hardest for newcomers to find.

A. A.C.’s Bar & Grill

B. Burns Alley

Neighborhood Bar

C. Upper Deck Tavern

D. The Burly Earl

9. In continual operation for over 50 years, this venue can boast being “Charleston’s oldest downtown bar.”

A. The Brick

B. The Blind Tiger

C. Big John’s Tavern

D. Moe’s Crosstown

10. Patrons are most likely to see and hear musicians playing the ulian pipes and the bodhran on stage at this downtown tavern.

A. O’Malley’s Bar & Grille

B. Tommy Condon’s

C. Mad River Bar & Grille

D. Jimmy Dengate’s Pub

11. This music venue is most likely to book music embraced by the Homegrown Network, a collective launched in early 1995 by Leeway Productions to “help talented independent bands reach fans who are seeking fun, interesting, and mind-expanding music” (read: jam bands)?

A. The Music Farm

B. The Pour House

C. The Village Tavern

D. The Map Room


12. For over two years, various musicians (including former members of the band Jump, Little Children) have provided this weekly service on Monday nights at Cumberland’s.

A. tarot card readings

B. keg stand lessons

behind the bar

C. backing band for “live

heavy metal karaoke”

D. security at the front door

13. This lounge bar and dance club on King Street is the only downtown “hookah bar.”

A. Tonik

B. LJ’s Soul Food Cafe

C. Torch

D. O’Malley’s Bar & Grille

14. For over four years, this downtown venue has challenged its regular patrons to join their official drinking group called “The 100 Beers Club” and sample over 100 brews available at their bar.

A. Charleston Beer Works

B. King Street Grille

C. Mellow Mushroom

D. Johnson’s Pub

15. Home of the local comedy troupe The Have Nots!, this upstairs venue holds weekly stand-up and sketch comedy events and performances.

A. Dock Street Theatre

B. The Living Room

C. Theatre 99

D. Purple Tree Lounge

16. With over 1,300 bottles of wine available, this Folly Beach venue has the best wine selection on the island.

A. 11 Center Street

B. Charleston on the Beach

C. Planet Follywood

D. Snapper Jack’s

17. Patrons who possess phonograph records may bring them into this venue on Thursdays and sit in as guest DJ during “Vinyl Night.”

A. Johnson’s Pub

B. The Pour House

C. D. D. Pecker’s

D. Voodoo

18. Tucked in the far corner of a warehouse, this local strip club is the most convenient to the Charleston International Airport.

A. The Wild Joker

B. The Landing Strip

C. The Hayloft

D. Thee Southern Belle

19. This is the best place to catch live, local blues acts in the Windermere neighborhood in West Ashley.

A. Starbucks

B. Earth Fare

C. Med Bistro

D. Urban Nirvana

20. This the best place to go if you want to dance the S.C. state dance alongside local shag enthusiasts to authentic beach music.

A. The Windjammer

B. J.B. Pivots

C. A.C.’s Bar & Grille

D. Sand Dollar

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