Charleston’s language and customs can be quite peculiar. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to pronounce “Huger” or you’re wondering what’s so great about being an S.O.B., the Charleston patois can be quite bizarre to someone “from off.” This little vocabulary quiz will help you figure out how much you know about your adopted town.

1. Huger Street cuts through the Hampton Park Terrace neighborhood, connecting Morrison Drive with Hagood Avenue. There’s no question the road is a convenient way across town, but how do you pronounce it?

A. hyooj-ee

B. hugg-er

C. hyoog-er

D. hyooj-er

2. If one of your new friends, who happens to be a Charleston native, invites you to his parents’ house for Frogmore Stew, what might you be eating?

A. frog soup

B. vegetable stew with beef

C. seafood boil with shrimp, corn, sausage, and sometimes crab

D. okra gumbo

3. What’s a Gullah?

A. a flat-bottom boat

B. a person of Irish descent

C. someone with African ancestry

D. a gang on the East Side

4. Charlestonians flock to the Washout to do what?

A. laundry

B. surf

C. eat oysters

D. get stoned

5. If you meet some guy in seersucker, what’s he wearing?

A. a khaki trenchcoat

B. a striped, cotton suit with puckered material

C. large, billowy bloomers

D. a lightweight summer hat

6. If you enter a shagging contest, you are most likely to be doing what?

A. eating hot dogs

B. singing the blues

C. doing the nasty

D. dancing with a partner

7. What’s a palmetto bug?

A. a giant, flying cockroach

B. a mosquito

C. a Bloody Mary with a shrimp

D. an old VW bug painted with the state flag

8. What would you be saying about a Charlestonian if you called him an S.O.B.?

A. that he is slightly off-beat

B. that he lives south of Broad Street

C. that he is a son of a bitch

D. that he smells of bacon

9. To what do Charlestonians refer when they say the “recent unpleasantness”?

A. Hurricane Hugo

B. the Civil War

C. World War II

D. the Revolutionary War

10. What does the Connector do?

A. matches you with the perfect date

B. connects roommates and


C. gets you from Calhoun Street to Folly Road on James Island

D. takes you to North Charleston

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