In a little less than 2 years in Park Circle I have encountered the North Charleston Police several times — in my car, of course…and they have been so nice it is a little scary. This time my headlight was out, I had the new bulb in the glove ‘cos it just happened this afternoon and I wound up working way later than expected. EVERY time, even the time I got ticketed (same place on Rivers Avenue!) these police have been SO so pleasant…so, I am wondering, are they nice to everyone of every color or is it just b/c I’m a white male with a ring? Would they be so nice if they knew the ring was representative of my commitment of over 10 years to another man — making me a big ol’ middle-aged mo? No matter what route I take home I never fail to see the PoPo with someone – usually a group – up against a wall…yeah I drive through some crap areas but…just wondering if my fellow North Charlestonians are meeting these nice cops or is it a race and hetero thing?