Thursday night, the GrowFood Carolina warehouse on Morrison Drive was turned into one of the best Asian restaurants on the peninsula. The local food distributor occasionally allows Joshua Walker and Duolan Li to host Xiao Bao Biscuit pop-up dinners in their space; the events typically sell out by the end of the evening. Before we even entered the warehouse, we were enticed by the spicy scents of Vietnamese, Thai, and Schezuan flavors wafting from the space. Jessica Diaz, a worker at GrowFood, was really excited to find the same cuisines she loved in San Francisco here in Charleston. While we waited for our bánh cha ca, we grabbed a mapo mule, a concoction served up by the boys from the Belmont, and watched the trains pass behind the warehouse. The food did not disappoint, and the space was packed within an hour of opening. The team from local creative agency Fuzzco was in attendance to support XXB and get a preview of the food that will be served at their soon-to-open restaurant on Spring Street.

We headed back above the Crosstown on Friday for the Noise Ride at the Recovery Room on upper-upper King Street. New Belgium Brewery hosted the ride and offered cheap brews and kuzoos to the attendees. The plan was to cycle from the bar to the Battery and make as much noise as possible in the name of general merriment and letting off some steam at the end of the workweek. Many riders tied empty Fat Tire beer cans to their bicycles to achieve maximum cacophony. The salty regulars out front weren’t sure what to make of the extra influx of bikes and the hubbub interjected into their usually quiet happy hour. But they soon got back to their beers as the group leader yelled, “Be as obnoxious as we can be!” and the bikers took off to White Point Gardens. Unfortunately, our bike tire was flat, so we stayed behind to dine on tachos and cheap beer. The group was in high spirits when they arrived back at the bar and celebrated their successful efforts to wake up King Street.

On Saturday, we decided to try out some arts and crafts more complicated than tying beer cans to bicycles. SpaceCraft Studios in Avondale was hosting their grand-opening party and encouraging guests to participate in some crafting. Owner Allison Merrick helped us fashion a button from fancy paper and showed us around the amazing space. Each nook of the shop is filled with a different curiosity — it’s like an Etsy store come to life. Many guests brought their children and were excited to see a hip space that the entire family could enjoy. Artist and Craftsman set up a table outside so attendees could play with a few items they sell in their Calhoun Street shop. Many creative folks showed up to check out the new space and grab a glass of wine while discussing their own projects. Kids ran about and danced to the DJ while parents stocked up on craft ideas and everyone had a laid-back, merry time. —Erin Perkins