[image-3] If you know about Clay Rice, then you know you won’t want to miss his appearance at Blue Bicycle Books on Wed. March 14 from 3-6 p.m. The renowned silhouette artist heads to BBB with his latest kids’ books, The Stick and Ants ‘n’ Uncles in tow, and don’t worry, he’ll be cutting silhouettes of your precious kids, too. You can snag two personal silhouettes for $42 and book an appointment by calling (843) 722-2666.

Rice was taught how to cut silhouettes by his grandfather, Carew Rice, and his process is almost as impressive as the end product — Rice’s silhouettes are cut in under five minutes. Rice is usually touring around the country, cutting over 10,000 children’s silhouettes a year, so get in to see him while the gettin’s good.