And you thought you were bored at work…

With some legislators anxious to get home early to defend their seats in primary challenges, House leader Bobby Harrell (who has no such worries, himself) says he’d be happy to start the last spring to early winter vacation early … if it weren’t for all that actual work the legislature still has on the table.

Lawmakers would need to complete work on a couple of key pieces of legislation, including the budget, tightening immigration laws and raising the cigarette tax.

“I’d love to do that,” Harrell said of adjourning early. “I don’t know if we can or not.”

Some folks are actually talking about getting out weeks early, but something like that could back fire. No, we don’t want bored legislators playing hangman on their iPhones on the taxpayer dime. But we don’t have a lot of sympathy for legislators anxious to get home and glad hand about their accomplishments when they were, in fact, looking at their watch for the last six weeks of the session.