The news didn’t make it in the print edition, but Post and Courier staff reported this morning that designs for the $150 million Midtown Development received initial approval from the city on Monday.

The project is just two doors down from the Post and Courier office and the around 12 acres the paper’s parent company plans to develop. We’ve questioned previous reports of the Midtown project that did not mention this fact.

Now, it’s almost like they can’t bring themselves to lay out the paper’s obvious financial interest in the success or failure of this neighboring project.

The development is now up for preliminary approval, which will take into account more of the building details in the project. The project could be part of a transformation of the upper King Street area.

Well, there’s a hint of context there, but no mention of the paper’s stake in said “transformation.” I want to make it clear that I don’t think this is a responsibility of the staff writers. There should be a discussion in the newsroom led by the editors regarding how the paper handles this development.