Let’s face it, the Super Bowl is the unofficial end of New Year’s resolutions. Like a hail mary pass, the chances of keeping a Whole30 diet amidst the big game’s ubiquitous bags of Cheetos, Doritos, taquitos, and spinach dip are slim to none. But that doesn’t mean you can’t clean up your act the day after with some fresh eats. With that in mind, here’s our Super Bowl 2.0 suggestions.


Basic Kitchen Basic Bowl

It is what it sounds like, kids, a bowl of good for you bites like brown rice, kale, sweet potatoes, and grilled Brussels sprouts. But don’t let the basic word fool you. This is flavorful fuel that’ll make you feel like you’re living your best life even if you’re only a few hours free of your “Go Pats!” hangover.

Beech’s Delecta-Bowl

Shake off that beached whale feeling at Beech. Start strong Monday morning with the Delecta-Bowl, a mix of acai, granola, strawberries, pineapple, chia seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes, and raw honey. You’ll leave feeling fit AF.

Harbinger Cafe

Greer Gilchrist’s salads are so good, it can be hard to pick just one. So don’t. Now the King Street cafe is letting guests stuff a bowl with as many salads as will fit for the ultimate raw deal.

Huriyali’s Breakfast Bowl

Healthy living permeates Huriyali from its hidden garden to its palm frond bathroom. So, as you might suspect, the same holds true on the menu. Go there for a Breakfast Bowl. The dish includes micro greens in a savory almond sauce with quinoa, roasted veggies, and a poached egg on top.

1 Broad’s Shakshuka

1 Broad’s menu tends to change frequently, but if you see the shakshuka on there, get it. The heavenly blend of savory tomatoes, greens, chickpeas, and eggs will fill you up without letting you down.

Dellz on the Macon’s Vitality Bowl

Organic quinoa, black beans, mixed bell pepper, chopped greens, fresh avocado and Goddess dressing make this almost like a hearty salad.


DIY the ish out of some clean eats at Kairos Greek Kitchen. The build your own Greek gobs of goodness approach is best in a bowl. Just pick a protein, then top it with some hummus, harissa, tzatziki, red pepper feta or baba ghanoush.