[image-2]Palmer Quimby has been working on opening his own brewery for close to four years now. The Charlestonian managed restaurants for the bulk of his career — six years at High Cotton and then a long stint at Chai’s Lounge. But the homebrewer’s dream was to have his own brewery and next month that’ll come true when he unlocks the doors of Munkle Brewing Co.

The 1513 Meeting Street Road brewery is the latest addition to the Meeting and King Street Extension ale trail. From the back patio of Munkle, Quimby could throw rocks at his pals over at the new Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. A slight turn to the right and you can just make out Tradesman’s new location. A drive down Meeting and to the left and you’ll be at Fatty’s Beerworks. And Quimby is totally on board with that. Being in the middle of the beer boom seems to be suit him just fine and that’s because he says Munkle will be doing things a bit differently.

“We’re not going to do any IPAs,” Quimby says emphatically. “There are too many out there.” Don’t expect to see weird twists on Munkle beers either. “We’re not going to put peppers in stuff,” he adds.

What you will see are Belgian and Old World-influence brews — his head brewer is Joe Bowden who’s from Summerville originally, but just moved back from working in brewing in Ft. Collins, Colo. — and only eight beers on tap at any given time. Munkle won’t offer tours either. Just a relaxed space to sip and maybe play some pool.

Munkle will open in October with three beers: a damn delicious Brugge City Brune, Bull Street Blonde (an ode to the house he grew up in on Bull Street), and Gully Washer Wit. Stay tuned to social media for updates.