As Charlestonians are scampering around for last-minute gifts and overdosing on eggnog and mistletoe, a different sort of holiday tradition takes place: Presents from Punks. Now in its third year, the party brings together local artists and musicians to bring holiday cheer to less fortunate families in the Lowcountry.

Showing that people who enjoy wheatpasting billboards in their free time have hearts too, SHT! and BadJon gathered all their talented friends to donate paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures to sell at the annual event. One hundred percent of the proceeds would later be used to donate to Toys for Tots and the Lowcountry Food Bank.  

Like speedy Santa on Christmas Eve, the art was sold in the blink of an eye. All the pieces were priced under $50, though I may have tried to slip the organizers an extra $20 if they would let me have my hands on a Patch Whisky piece that sold seconds before I arrived.

Things got sweaty later on in the evening as the Shaniqua Brown rocked the crowd, the lead singer in a festive red sequin dress and green tights. Rocky Horror spun late into the evening, with BadJon tweeting later “I need to go to bed… Quit djin @rockyhorror.”

It was a long day for these ruffian saints; rest was much deserved after raising over $3,000 for charity. The crew was back at it the next day, shopping for toys with a receipt taller than any of Santa’s elves and a vanload of presents for local children. They donated the remainder of the proceeds to the Lowcountry Food Bank. Cheer and charity are all in a day’s work for these punks.