President Bill Clinton answered questions over the weekend about comments he made in the push toward the South Carolina primary in January.

On “Good Morning America,” Mr. Clinton told Robin Roberts that the other side “put a bizarre spin” on his remark comparing Mr. Obama to Jesse Jackson in South Carolina.

“They made up a race story out of that,” Mr. Clinton said. “There was no disrespect to Senator Obama in that. So I think our side got a bum rap about what was said about South Carolina.”

Mr. Clinton was in New Orleans on Sunday speaking to college journalists on an MTV panel, where he revisited his South Carolina remarks again.

“Contrary to the myth, I went through South Carolina and never said a bad word about Senator Obama – not one,” Mr. Clinton said. “And said – went to African American college campuses and said, ‘Look, I expect most of you are going to vote against Hillary. But I want you to know that she wants your vote.’”