I bring this up only out of the coincidence of it all. Yesterday, one of our staffers told me that some pro-life (anti-choice) protesters were rallying against Hillary on a corner of Sam Rittenberg. On the same day, similar protests interrupted an Obama campaign stop in NH.

After listening to their chants, Obama said he’d speak with them later.

But they would not quiet down.

“For the folks who are opposed to abortion, I understand your position, but this isn’t going to solve anything,” Obama said.

He walked to the edge of the stage.

“Are you going to do this the whole time, or are we going to have to reschedule?”

Police officers removed the protesters, and Obama saw a teachable moment.

“Some people got organized to do that, and that’s part of the American tradition that we’re proud of” he said.

“The excitement is over.”

“Or, it’s just beginning.”

I not only expect these protests to continue, they’re likely to get even more vocal and in-your-face as the GOP struggles through a general election that seems doomed from the start.