[image-1]Jim McCourt’s favorite cocktail is “usually, whatever’s in my hand.” McCourt has had a lot of cocktails in his hand and head lately, creating a list of 30 new drinks for Prohibition, set to roll out next week. “It’s always a work in progress,” he says. “It’s always evolving and changing over the years.”

Originally from Ireland, McCourt moved to America, searching for the American dream. And while he says he’s still searching, we think we may have found our dream on Prohibition’s new cocktail list. Hello Prunus — a classic cocktail made with apricot brandy infusion, Rothman & Winter Apricot liqueur, lemon, honey, egg white, and bolivar bitters. Yum.

And if you’re wondering why all liquors are represented on this list — don’t Prohibition-era drinks traditionally leave out certain spirits? — McCourt doesn’t really care. “I think if bartenders in the 1920s had a choice, they’d use whatever they had.” Damn straight. 

Read on for the full list of cocktails, along with an updated wine and beer menu. 


Prohibition Drinks menu February 2016