[image-1]Raise your glass because three Charleston bars were just honored in the 2018 Spirited Awards. The goal of the Spirited Awards is to highlight exceptional bars from all around the world each year. The regions considered are Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas, and the US (East, Central, and West). In each of those regions, there is a top 10 list for different bar categories including best bar team, best bartender, best brand ambassador, best cocktail bar, best high-volume cocktail bar, best restaurant bar, best new bar, and best hotel bar.

For USA-East Proof was named one of 10 best American bars and The Living Room at The Dewberry and Eleve at the Grand Bohemian were named two of the top 10 hotel bars for the USA-East category.

The awards are chosen by regional chairs and members of the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, a nonprofit that educates, advances, and supports the hospitality industry.

In addition to being named by CP as the “best place to avoid Thomas Ravenel,” Proof was named to the top 10 list by demonstrating that it is an American bar that “sets the highest of standards in the industry and has influenced national cocktail trends.”  Eleve and The Living Room were awarded because they both offer “the best five-star service and consistently well-made drinks in a comfortable setting, ultimately upholding the tradition of the classic hotel bar.” [location-3] [location-2] [location-1]