So they’re trying to ban saggy jeans in Charleston, SC. Are you kidding me?Is there nothing else that needs the attention. Is there 100 percent literacy Charleston, SC? Is there no rape, murder, illegal immigration? Are there no children that need adopting, no pets that need neutering, no plants that need watering. Are there no sick people to be attended to, are there no buses that need fixing, is anyone’s cable out? If there is one person in your district not getting high speed internet access, then you don’t need to be worrying about saggy fucking pants.

Instead of worrying about saggy pants, how about figuring out how to pay teachers more money as to attract better people to the positions so these kids can get real educations which would lead to better jobs which would solve the baggy pants situation right there.

Banning baggy pants is just treating a symptom as opposed to addressing the problem.

If a man is dying of skin cancer, you don’t make it illegal for him to leave the house without a hat. You educate the person so they can avoid the sun in the first place.