At first it looked like the wall next to Lewis Barbecue (464 N. Nassau St.) might just be a mural with a sun ray design. But when I biked by today the final image was revealed. Casting a glance over the new brisket biz is a giant cow sporting a crown, and soon, John Lewis says, it will also bear the words, “All hail the king.” 

If that’s not a tongue-in-cheek middle finger to this state’s pulled-pork enthusiasts, I don’t know what is. Lewis, of course, assures people it’s all in jest.

“Beef is king in Texas,” explains the former Austinite. “It’s a joke.” Limelight Custom Sign Co. is painting the mural from a design by Scott Harrell.

This is the first of two murals for the space, Lewis says. The second will be painted on a blue wall near the back of the building. 

So when can you dine and enjoy the new art? Lewis says right now he’s looking at a mid-June opening.