Anyone in a cowboy hat who’d have the audacity to release an album titled American by God’s Amazing Grace must be the real, red-blooded, patriotic deal, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Attend new-country singer Luke Stricklin’s shindig at the Rodeo Room at The Plex at 7 p.m. on Thurs. Dec. 8 for the real answer. The show is designed to raise funds and accessories for U.S. troops abroad. The venue is taking gift donations of CDs/DVDs etc. and minimum cash donations of $8 for those under 21. Go to www.theplexonline.com for more.


Local pop-punk trio Rosemont finally get to officially celebrate the release of their new album, These Streets Alone, with a big show. Look for them at the Music Farm on Sat. Dec. 17 with local bands Handgun Sonata and Agynst. Clubgoers can get in the door and get a copy of the new disc for $7. Check more at www.rosemontrocks.com.


Giving Zoso a run for their money on the Southeast club circuit, newly-formed Asheville-based quartet Custard Pie plan to pay tribute to the grooves, wails, and riffs of Led Zeppelin with a respectful approach devoid of the typical, tacky glitz … and with a female vocalist doing the Robert Plant howl. The lineup features former Charleston musicians David Connor Jones on bass and Rhett Thurman (ex-Menage) on vocals, with N.C. guitarist Woody Wood (ex-Blue Rags, Hollywood Red) and drummer Jamie Stirling (ex-Drug Money, The Merle). The band name is based on the lead-off track of Zep’s 1975 masterpiece Physical Graffiti. They’re gonna groove at Cumberland’s on Wed. Dec. 14. Go to www.custardpie.info for more.


Millennium Music will offer free classes at both locations to help people learn about iPods and their accessories “to assist in decision making for holiday purchasing.” Hour-long classes titled “Choosing and Using Your iPod” and “How to Get the Most Out of Your iPod” are set for 3 p.m. on Sat. Dec. 10 and Wed. Dec. 14 downtown and for 6 p.m. on Sun. Dec. 11 and Thurs. Dec. 15 in Mt. Pleasant. “Millennium is still the best place to go to feed your player,” says manager Kent Wagner. “Millennium has over 20,000 near-mint used CDs. Rip them and listen to the music on your iPod.” Check www.millenniummusic.com for the deal. —T. Ballard Lesemann

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