Josh Roberts & the Hinges released the single “Rainhead” last week, and it’s a catchy one that’ll earworm its way to your heart pretty quickly. Produced by Band of Horses’ Ryan Monroe, the single is the first off the Hinges’ new album, which Roberts says could see the light of day by early next year. In the meantime, the boys will keep us keen with more single releases, which you’ll find at

Another song gets a release this week from Hanz Wenzel & the Eighty Sixers. “Devil’s Tea” was recorded by Mitch Webb at Mantis Records and will debut on Fri. Sept. 9 on ABC’s Lowcountry Live.

Local experimental/hip-hop/electonic artist Contour dropped a new LP on Bandcamp last week. Entitled something else, the collection is 20-tracks strong and includes a song, “Death Break,” featuring Charleston hip-hop artist warholtheghost. “This tape is a collection of beats I’ve made over the past year that sort of shows my style developing since the last beat tape I put out, and it also serves to sort of keep my listeners satisfied until the album I’ve been working on is done,” says Contour. “As far as percussion goes, I use a lot of found sounds — stuff like coins or paper — field recording, and drum layering to achieve the texture that I like.” You can download or order something else on cassette via now. 
Listen to new music from Charleston’s Josh Roberts & the Hinges, Hanz Wenzel & the Eighty Sixers, Contour, and Del Sur. 

Local tropical indie-pop troupe Del Sur released a video for their single “Been So Long” last month. Debuted via, the video features the band’s founder Michael Collier in a trippy montage fueled by bong hits. “The plot follows me falling into a dream state, falling in love with an ice cream cone, my nemesis, Adam, stealing her away from me, me getting her back, all to be forgotten as Adam wakes up in bed with the ice cream cone and realizes that the entire sequence has been his dream.” “Been So Long” is off Del Sur’s EP Eating in Bed, which you can listen to at