[image-1]Composer Timothy Young of Puppetry Arts (a 501c3 in both New York and Charleston) is seeking puppetry actors and local sponsors for a free workshop performance of the musical Anthropomorphic. The show will debut on Sat. June 10 at St. Stephens Episcopal Church downtown.

Anthropomorphic is a musical that deals with the struggles of a gay teenage boy with a religious mother. Throughout the play (which is performed by puppets, FYI) Wesley befriends a sloth, an old dragon, and a cricket to help him. Ultimately, Wesley begins an unforgettable journey to discover that he is someone to be loved.

Puppetry Arts seeks volunteers, actors, and sponsors to support the performance. Actor submissions, including resumes, will be accepted via email — info@puppetryarts.org — until March 25. Since all cast members will perform via puppets, the director will be casting to match the sound of each character with disregard to physical appearance.
All cast members will be performing with puppets and singing. Auditions will be held on May 6, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. throughout the Charleston area.

Roles include: Wesley, 17 year old tenor, must be able to hit High A; The Witch, African American, mature, gospel sound; Moth, 30s, female, soprano; Cricket, 30s, male, tenor; Venton, mature, baritone; Mixed ensemble. Learn more about the characters here.