[image-1] When Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House debuted in 1879, it caused scandal, shock — and a complete rewrite to the play’s infamous ending, where protagonist Nora Helmer slams the door on her husband and children, leaving them forever. At least, that was the intention. Pure Theater, now in its 16th season and in a brand new spot — the Cannon Street Arts Center — is presenting Lucas Hnath’s play A Doll’s House, Part 2.

Nominated for 8 Tonys back in 2017, Part 2 picks up years after the first play ended. Nora returns to the Helmer house to pick up some unfinished business. But how will her family react? Ibsen’s play dealt with themes of feminism, patriarchy, and the nature of family in his native country of Norway; Lucas Hnath has kept the action of the play confined to freezing Christiana, but updated the themes and topics of discussion raised by his sequel to be familiar with modern audiences.

“[Hnath’s] dialogue is sharp, and quick, and filled with finely tuned points and counterpoints,” said Sharon Graci, PURE’s artistic director and director of Part 2. “The setting may be Norway … but the language is all now. And the issues, well those have spanned the more than 200 years between the two scripts.”

The Cannon Street Arts Center, a brand-new arts facility run by the City of Charleston’s Office of Cultural Affairs, is the new home of PURE, which debuts A Doll’s House, Part 2 on Fri. Dec. 7. The run includes a “Sunday Supper” showing, Pay-What-You-Will Night, and talkback night.

Tickets are available now on the PURE Theatre website and will be available at box office. Advanced purchases are recommended.