PURE Theater has made its first major step towards the silver screen. Undertow is the brainchild of writer and former City Paper contributor Dan Conover and producer Don Lewis. The pair were initially having a couple of beers when Conover thought of a couple locations where they could shoot a project — and like that the idea for a short film was born. Undertow is the story of a middle-aged guy from South Carolina who finds success in Hollywood but is suddenly unable to work and finds himself returning to the Lowcountry. His haunting past begins to unravel, and slowly he begins to realize that his reality may not be real at all.

The film stars PURE Theatre’s Rodney Lee Rogers, and it’s directed by PURE actor David Mandel.

Conover’s wife, Janet, is also the executive producer of the film, and Conover credits her with keeping things afloat when “things fell through.” Lewis also helped Conover script the film.

Shooting should be wrapped up by the end of September, with four short scenes are already in the can.