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PURE Lab presents


Dec 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22

What happens when PURE takes on the holidays? The audience wins—with laughs. PURE follows up last year’s sellout run of PURE Holidays with PURE Holidays II (Yes, we’re that original). These three hilarious one act plays by our LAB playwrights will have you doubled over howling. Plus, this will truly be PURE’S last run in the Cigar Factory (boo hoo), so the plays not only salute the holidays but also grand finales! Warning: though we’ve doubled the number of shows this year, they’ll sell out. Get your tickets now.

Brother Bill

by LAB member Jimmy Ward

A Charleston financial speculator and adviser entertains his last prospective client before some pesky federal agents show up at his office with too many annoying questions about his business practices. The nerve, especially during Christmas!

Walking Backwards for the Last Time

by LAB member/Literary Manager

Spencer Deering

A recently dumped, mercurial college tour guide is hung over, pissed, and standing before a group from an all-girls’ school in Aiken. They’ve been sentenced to his final whirlwind tour of the C of C campus. Uh-Oh.

A Waffle House Christmas

by LAB member and PURE cofounder Rodney Lee Rogers

A self-professed queen of the scattered, smothered, and covered keeps her shiftless middle-aged boy and reality-challenged granddaughter in line on Christmas eve. In a Rashomon-like irreverent take on A Christmas Carol, one bad night before the arrival of Jolly Saint Nick cooks up laughter and redemption from the Jerry Springer set.