A year ago, you’d have to search hard for a good bành mí in this town, but these days the Vietnamese sandwich seems to be popping up on every menu. The latest addition to the local scene is Bon Banh Mi, a bright little restaurant at 162 Spring St. with a short and sweet menu. Owners Jason Sakran and Jeremy Spencer started off selling their sandwiches at the farmers market, a period that Sakron says allowed them to tweak and refine all of their recipes.

The menu is simple, and Sakron says they plan to keep it that way. Diners can choose between three bases: bánh mê ($8.50), salad ($8.50), or tacos (1/$3.75, 2/$7, $3/$10). Then you can pick a “fillin’”: red curry beef short rib, country pate and Vietnamese ham, egg and Canadian bacon, five spice pork, five spice tofu, and ginger lemongrass chicken.

On a recent visit, we tried the short rib and chicken bành mís, and we were impressed with the crusty bread (baked by a local supplier) and the generous, fresh toppings (cucumber, pickled carrots and Daikon radish, cilantro, holy basil, crispy shallots, chile-mayo). The City Paper’s resident bành mí aficionados approve, touting the short rib option as the best of the bunch. Craft beer and wine are also available.

They offer pick-up, delivery, and dine-in options and are open for lunch and dinner (closed Mondays). Find out more at bonbanhmi.com.