First. It was late. Really late. More than an hour late. But he says this is unusual. I really get the feeling he’s surprised at the attention he’s getting.

“We thought we were going in to a low-key press conference,” he told the small group of media standing in front of the large crowd of supporters, most of them part of the local Fair Tax movement.

Huckabee was in town to announce the endorsement of Charleston County Council Chair Tim Scott.  Not surprisingly, Scott said his endorsement was based on faith, family, and freedom.

“Often in politics, the choice is the less of two evils,” he says. “Finally we have the right choice in the right office,” Scott said.

Huckabee gave the typical GOP rundown of issues: taxes, conservative judges, traditional marriage, Sex and The City movie (wait, that’s my issue).

When we asked when exactly everything changed for Huckabee’s campaign, he basically told us that people are just starting to pay attention. Oh, yeah. And Chuck Norris’ endorsement didn’t hurt, either.

“They were afraid not to support me,” he said.