Ideas are cheap. Sometimes it dawns on me that the hardest things in life sometimes seem the easiest, most mundane, and easily dismissed as below us. Take for example, planting trees. Most of us privileged Charlestonians, College kids or otherwise, would think working getting our hands dirty and doing something as unnoticeable as planting a tree would be a task reserved for those of fewer choices in life. Instead, we respect those who make a life on ideas; politicians, philosophers, memorable people in history. Well, I’ve come to find that all my years of being taught to revere our grey-wigged ancestors more than say the illegal immigrants performing yard-work for our country, is totally bullshit. It’s time we stop deifying the masters of western logic games and instead respect the lowly servants who have been servicing our snobbish civilization for hundreds of years. They are the true pioneers. Not in advancing theory, but in testing the strength of human vitality. Ideas are cheap, get your hands dirty!