67a2/1240597812-roblamble_tbl_74_resized.jpg Ear for Music‘s Rob Lamble — the head talent buyer for the Wild Wing Cafés and organixer of the weekly Rockin’ on the Point series — on the cultural “vibe” east of the Cooper Rover:

“The demo over here is a little more young professional — but it’s the types who dig live music. I do think that there’s a distinctive vibe to this part of town, especially with the two islands [Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms] being right here. The whole East Cooper area is a chill place to be, and this is a relaxed environment.”

Lamble has lived in Mt. Pleasant since 1993. He founded the Ear For Music booking agency in 1997. He gradually got involved with the Wild Wing, handling the band schedules and gig details for 18 Wild Wing venues in the Southeast.