“A tanorexic is a very tan person who looks in the mirror and doesn’t see a tan person.” — Taylor Mac, The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac

“The first African American I ever met was a white woman from Texas” — Marc Bamuthi Joseph, the break/s

Q: “Why don’t you have bluegrass at Spoleto?”

A: “What’s bluegrass?” — Emmanuel Villaume, music director of Spoleto Festival USA at Sunday’s press brunch hosted by the festival

“Who knew there were so many different kinds of white people” — Taylor Mac

“Charleston is Savannah’s hot older sister” — a student at the Savannah Arts Academy watching the break/s by Marc Bamuthi Joseph

“We’re going to have a block party every weekend” — heard from the stage at Saturday’s Cuban Dance Party in Marion Square

“I chose my black ego over love” — Marc Bamuthi Joseph

“Hey, baby” — an unknown older man, one of many latecomers to the show, addressing Talyor Mac on stage

“It’s so small” — Taylor Mac