It seems like only yesterday Rachel Kate Gillon burst onto the Holy City music scene as the feisty singer for the hard-rocking combo the Shaniqua Brown, and, well, like half an hour ago when she released her debut solo disc With Love and Hate from Rachel Kate. Which is why it’s a surprise that the spitfire seamstress and singer-songwriter was saying arrivederci to Chucktown. We were just getting to know her as an artist. Case in point: Her killer, spooky-ooky video for her single “Lost.” It’s a strange and twisted affair involving demon lovers, ill-fated weddings, and the creepiest boat ride around.

A native of Music City U.S.A., Rachel Kate says the move back home has been in the works for some time now. “I’ve known for a long while I wanted to move back to Nashville at some point in my life. It just didn’t seem like quite the right time, like I needed to gain a little more strength or something,” Rachel Kate says. “The main reason for my move is, first and foremost, family.”

Of course, opportunity awaits in Music City. “Nashville ain’t a bad place to come home to either. It’s a pretty happening spot for sure, so I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t for both.” She adds, “You know I can’t stay away from Charleston long, so I’ll be back to visit and play. Charleston has been so very good to me.”