There was no sunshine at Saturday’s Shinefest, but that didn’t stop the brave from coming out to see headliners The Original Wailers and Blues Traveler, along with Sol Driven Train, Last Band Standing winners The Whisperjets, the Sipe-Coffin Group, and many others. Bundled in blankets and scarves to battle the unseasonably cold Charleston weather, festivalgoers donned their free T-shirts, under constant threat from the dark clouds above. The rain was light, and it didn’t stop some fans from staking out their spots near the stage, but even more left for fear of a torrential downpour. The turnout wasn’t as large as was probably expected for the highly promoted event. The crowd on the field stayed warm with $6 cups of Yuengling while the VIPs sat in a separate area on the park’s Shoeless Joe Hill. When the headliners finally took the stage around 7:30 p.m., the audience was ready to hear their favorite Blues Traveler hits, but the band teased us with covers of “Devil Went Down to (Charleston)” and “Love Is What I Got.” Lead singer John Popper rocked out on his harmonica before ending the set with the ’90s super-hit “Run-Around,” which got the crowd dancing for one of the only times that day.