After winning Kentucky’s Republican primary for US Senate, many establishment politicians and pundits suggested that perhaps the libertarian-leaning conservatism of Rand Paul (or even his Dad, Ron) was too philosophical and not politically practical, making such Tea Party figures not ready for “prime time.” Of course, the exact opposite is true. The status quo politicians of both parties who are unwilling to seriously address bankrupt entitlements, astronomical debt and an absurd foreign policy are the candidates who are truly a waste of time, “prime” or otherwise. We need to apply limited government and constitutional philosophy to the problems we face, not simply because it’s fun to think about such things, but as a practical necessity. Paul’s Democratic opponent is a perfect example of the sort of mindless, navel-gazing and useless politician that have screwed up our government for decades and will never take any serious initiative to fix things. Kentucky voters would be better off voting for a cardboard box or Alvin Greene than politicians like Paul’s opponent.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan on Rand Paul and what’s-his-face:

Disclosure note: I’m currently in Kentucky traveling with Rand Paul’s campaign for an upcoming story in The American Conservative.