Being a little Blue in a big Red state, it was no surprise to any of us that we didn’t really knock it out of the park in November with our endorsements. But take a look at this bit from the Ravenel piece in today’s P&C:

Several people who know Ravenel say that he had begun to complain that the treasurer’s job was “boring” — and there are few who dispute it. The U.S. Senate it’s not.

We called that one back in November when we endorsed ol’ Grady.

It was only two years ago that Ravenel considered the Senate the best place for his talents. Now it’s the treasurer’s office?

The state treasurer is a leadership role and Patterson has provided that in spades over the years. We’ll bet he’s got four more good years in him, but that may be it. And as one of the few Democrats in statewide office (and possibly the only one after November), there’s some value to having a foil on tuition tax credits and other backwards initiatives. Ravenel shouldn’t be upset, though. He really doesn’t want the job anyway, does he?

Ouch, patting … own … back … hurts.