The State released interviews today between investigators and former state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, who was convicted earlier this year for handing out cocaine to his friends. In the interviews, Ravenel talks about a lot of people that he’s done coke with and about passing it around “like a football,” but names were blacked out by investigators because they’re in the midst of an ongoing investigation and more arrests are possible. Here’s a sample of the interviews. We’ve replaced blacked out names and facts with fictional characters and details:

[image-1] “Ravenel used cocaine that night, but explained that he did not use cocaine with the females as they were too young. Ravenel describes one as being named Hannah Montana and another unknown female who he describes as being very thin with a very fair complexion. Ravenel further explained he may have ‘made a move on her,’ meaning Wii Bowling but was probably rejected.”

[image-2] “Ravenel advises that he has used cocaine with Blanche Devereaux on several occasions. He has known her for several years but has not seen her recently by choice because of her lack of moral character. Ravenel relayed a recent incident at his residence where Devereaux was brought to Ravenel’s house by a date, and while the date waited in the kitchen for her, she had sex with another individual in an upstairs bedroom.”

[image-3] “Mokey Fraggle gave Ravenel a package of cocaine. Mokey is a well known fraggle who has been featured in numerous magazines and has sold doozer sticks to people like Travelling Matt.”

[image-4] “Ravenel advised that Mr. Darcy is a friend from Charleston. Darcy is from a very affluent family with vast property ownership through the state … Darcy has received cocaine from Ravenel and given cocaine to Ravenel on several occasions.”

Mort Goldman is a pharmaceutical salesman who Ravenel believes has a drinking problem.”