If no news really is good news, then our readers must be smiling, because the vast majority of last year’s News & Media awardees are repeat winners. Our readers voted Nina Sossamon Best Local TV Anchor, half-man/half-Harve Jacobs Best Investigative Reporter, and Ken Burger won Best Newspaper Columnist for the umpteenth time — really, if he wins another award, that dusty shelf in his office where he stores all his plaques will certainly break. 96 WAVE won over readers for Best Radio Station, and station drive-time host The Critic won Best Radio Personality, while their morning crew — Storm, Kenny, and Stupid Mike — took the award for Best Local Radio Show. Gerald’s Tires won for Best Local TV Commercial in what must be its fourth coming. Best Local Website went to www.Charleston.net, beating www.CharlestonCityPaper.com for, hopefully, the last time (go get ’em, CP webmistress Caitlin Cahill!). The only real “news” was that Bobby Hartin (“Fan Talk”) unseeded a small, bald German dude (Murphy) who got fired anyway for Best Local Talk Show Host, and Brendan Clark at Channel 2 replaced a legend (Warren Peper) as Best Local TV Sports Anchor. So, while the world tears itself a new one, the local guys and gals we like to tell us all about it are still pretty much the same people. Lucky us. Speaking of us, find out what the City Paper’s critics think is the best in local news and media this year — let’s just hope we don’t piss off Channel 4 or Skirt! magazine. Again.

Best Local Talk Show Host
Bobby Hartin

Bobby Hartin’s Fan Talk, ESPN, WQSC 1340 AM 763-6025
Bobby Hartin, the Big Kahuna, the Money-man in the Middle, USC’s #1 Fan, the Ayatollah of Zorastrian Physics … OK, we made that last one up. Hartin has been hosting “Fan Talk” for the past 10 years, Monday through Friday, from 3-6 p.m., come hell or collective bargaining. It doesn’t bother Hartin, who shares mic time with Penn State fan Darren “Beaver Boy” Goldwater, that this is his show’s first award after a decade of hard … talk. “Naw, just tell everyone thanks for voting for us,” says Hartin as he arrives at WQSC studios 10 minutes before air time. “Just being on 10 years says we’re doing something OK.” —Bill Davis

Best Local TV Sports Anchor
Brendan Clark, WCBD-TV Channel 2

In life there are few constants, except when it came to Warren Peper winning this award again and again. With “Pep” spending a year off the sports desk at Channel 5, and now manning half the news anchor desk at Channel 2, it was time to pass the torch. And pass it has, into the able hands of Brendan Clark, an Elmira, N.Y.-native who has spent the last 10 years talking sports for Channel 2. True to Peper’s gracious nature, the older maestro refused to be in on the photo shoot of Clark getting doused in Gatorade (no matter how hard we cajoled), saying it was his younger colleague’s time in the sun. “It’s really nice to get this award, and I appreciate the attention from the fine readers of the City Paper,” says Clark. Oh, really, Brendan? Well, if you’re so high on our paper, which was a bigger moment for you, your daughter’s birth or getting this award? “The award — I’m kidding, my daughter Sarah is everything to me.” —Bill Davis


Best News Story of 2005
The New Bridge Opening

Best Local TV Anchor
Nina Sossamon, WCIV-TV Channel 4

Best Local investigative Reporter
Harve Jacobs, WCSC-TV Channel 5

Best local TvWeather Forecaster
Rob Fowler, WCBD-TV Channel 2

Best Local TV Sports Anchor
Brendan Clark, WCBD-TV Channel 2

Best Local TV Station
WCBD-TV Channel 2 (NBC)

Best NewspaperColumnist
Ken Burger, The Post and Courier

Best City Paper Cover Story
The Parking Issue(Vol. 9, Issue 16, Dec. 7, 2005)

Best Local Website

Best Radio Station
96 Wave, 96.1 WAVF-FM

Best Talk/News Radio Station
1250 WTMA-AM

Best Local Radio Show
Storm & Kenny with Stupid Mike, 96.1 WAVF-FM

Best Local RadioPersonality
The Critic, 96.1 WAVF-FM

Best Local TalkShow Host
Bobby Hartin, “Fan Talk” 1340 WQSC-AM

Best local tv commercial
Gerald’s Tires