[embed-1] As if we couldn’t love the dive bar more, Rec Room has shown they not only speak for the PBR, but for the people, too.

This Sun. March 10, Rec Room teams up with Savannah’s “legendary dive bar” The Original Pinkie Masters for a workers after-party following Chs. W+F starting at 8 p.m. The event promises that the unsung heroes of the fest and dead tired cooks, servers, and workers will be allowed to “unwind from the chaos” with cheap drinks and slushies.


Whether you’ve been on the line for 12 hours making the same damn burger every tourist can’t stop raving about — the one they saw on that list — or out in the field prepping and serving bites to giddy women in big hats, these slushies oughta go down smooth. Interested in other off-the-beaten-path events? Check out our full fringe lineup here.[location-1]