[image-1]Over the past few weeks, some time between the rogue rickshaw history tours and the #Ravalanche, more than 20,000 readers of the Charleston City Paper stopped by this hallowed space to cast their votes as part of the biggest Best of Charleston contest in the paper’s 16-year history.

When the virtual dust settled early Wednesday morning, 900,805 votes had been spread over the contest’s 316 categories from 20,281 of you, completely, totally, relentlessly crushing the turnout numbers we’ve seen in previous years’ Best Of competitions. Even during initial nominations–this year was the first time we had tried the two-stage process–you guys wrote in nearly 70,000 nominations.

The point of this post is simple. Thanks, y’all. And congratulations to all the great local businesses and personalities who were nominated.

Now, now, just because a record number of you people turned out to wag your finger at Editor Stephanie Barna, who finished dead last in “Best Local Twitter Feed,” that doesn’t mean you get to find out who won any sooner.

The results from Best of Charleston 2014 will be released in our annual BOC issue on March 26.

So, quit asking.