When it’s time for a little rest and relaxation, pampering, or perspiring, our readers know where to go for the good stuff. From the best yoga spot (Blue Turtle) to the best hair stylist (Lynn Huneycutt), refer to this comprehensive list. And if you break a leg doing the funky chicken at the 2005 Best of Charleston Prom, MUSC is the hospital CP readers recommend for where to get that fractured tibia and fibula set.


Best Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Louis Costa, Southeastern Facial
Plastic Surgery
247 Calhoun St. Downtown 722-5904

Best Local Sports Team
Charleston RiverDogs

Best Marina
Charleston City Marina
17 Lockwood Dr. Downtown 937-8669

Best Island
Sullivan’s Island

Best Place for Family Fun
Frankie’s Fun Park
5000 Ashley Phosphate Rd. N. Charleston 767-1376

Best Park
James Island County Park
871 Riverland Dr. James Island 795-7275

Best Surf Shop
8 Center St. Folly Beach 588-2247
Best Dermatologist
Dr. Lesly Davidson
852 Lowcountry Blvd. Suite 102 Mt. Pleasant 216-3376

Best Bike Shop
Mike’s Bikes
85 Wentworth St. Downtown 723-8025
and other locations

Best Sporting Goods Store
Sports Authority
7800 Rivers Ave. N. Charleston 863-9299

Best Dive Shop
Charleston Scuba
335 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley 763-3483

Best Outdoor Outfitters
Half-Moon Outfitters
425 Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant 881-9472
280 King St. Downtown 853-0990

Best Store for Beach Gear
Mr. John’s Beach Store
20 Center St. Folly Beach 588-9150

Best Veterinarian
John D. Ohlandt, Jr., Ohlandt Veterinary Clinic
1509 Folly Road James Island 795-7574

Best Place to Buy a Boat
Hanckel Marine
2445 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley 556-2550

Best Golf Course
Kiawah Ocean Course
Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 12 Kiawah Beach Dr. 768-2121

Best Health Club
Eco Fitness
69 Wentworth St. Downtown 723-4995

Best Personal Trainer
Bill Fagan, East-West Health Arts
792 Folly Road James Island 762-6580

Best Physician
Dr. Dave Albenberg, Access Healthcare
235 Calhoun St. Downtown 853-8870

Best Hair Stylist
Lynn Huneycutt, Whispers on Wentworth
71 Wentworth St. Downtown 577-6516

Best Tanning Salon
Ultra Tan
334 East Bay St. Downtown 723-6292
and other locations

Best Dentist
Dr. Frank Beylotte
1010 East Erie Ave. Folly Beach 588-0006

Best Chiropractor
Richard Leveton
505 Folly Road James Island 795-4030

Best Pilates Studio
Earthling Day Spa
245 East Bay St. Downtown 722-4737

Best Yoga Studio
Blue Turtle Yoga
69 Wentworth St. Downtown 723-4995

Best Acupuncturist
Gregg Smythe
103 Rutledge Ave. Downtown 723-1311

Best Hospital
Medical University of South Carolina
171 Ashley Ave. Downtown 792-2300

Best Place to Give Birth
Bon Secours Roper St. Francis Hospital
2095 Henry Tecklenburg Blvd. West Ashley 402-1000

Best Piercing Shop
Factor Five
283 Meeting St. Downtown 965-5559
5527 Rivers Ave. N. Charleston 747-0540

Best Sex Shop
Generation XXX
7219-A Cross County Road N. Charleston 552-9700

Best Day Spa
Urban Nirvana
8 Windermere Blvd. West Ashley 720-8000
636-D Long Point Road Mt. Pleasant 881-1160

Best Massage Therapist
Erin Hall, East-West Health Arts
792 Folly Road James Island 762-6580

Best Hair Salon
Stella Nova
292 King St. Downtown 722-9797
and other locations

Best Barber Shop
Broad Street Barbers
102 Broad St. Downtown 723-6533

Best Hotel
Charleston Place
205 Meeting St. Downtown 722-4900

Best Bed & Breakfast
Two Meeting Street Inn
2 Meeting St. Downtown 723-7322

Best Bowling Alley
Twin River Lanes
613 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Mt. Pleasant 884-7735


Best Sport to Watch with Kids?Charleston Battery Soccer at Blackbaud Stadium
1990 Daniel Island Drive Daniel Island 971-GOAL

The RiverDogs and the Stingrays are both a good time, but if you have a kid, the Battery’s got them all beat. The fun never ends at Blackbaud Stadium, what with the big playground down in the corner and all the activities behind the stands where kids can jump, kick, and scream to the delight of their parents, who can then take their exhausted kids home and dump them in their beds for a long night’s restful sleep. Let’s go, Battery! —Stephanie Barna

Best Reason Not to care about NHL Strike
Stingrays Players To Stay Put

Without the possibility of getting called up to the big game, hockey players are suddenly finding the AA hockey league to be their best bet for playing professional hockey. And that’s good for us, especially when a hot, young talent like Maxime Daigneault shows up and scorches the ice. —Stephanie Barna

Best Choreographed Fight Sequence
Clemson vs. USC Brawl

It was a fitting end of the season for a couple of forgettable football teams. The Nov. 20 Clemson-Carolina game had turned ugly long before the closing minutes, when all hell finally broke loose. Dozens of “student athletes” started punching and slapping one another in a brawl that ranged up and down 60 yards of turf for 10 minutes, all on national television. For the next week, CNN, ESPN, and the other networks played the sequence over and over and over and over, ad nauseam. The only upside was that it happened the same weekend as Ron Artest’s NBA brawl, which kept the postgame clips to a mere flood instead of an outright inundation. The response of the two university presidents was to deny their respective football teams permission to participate in postseason bowl games. When USC players heard the news, several went on a rampage through the athletic department, stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronic hardware. So much for building character through athletics. —Will Moredock

Best Deal on Soccer Gear
Lloyd’s Soccer Sports Sidewalk Sales
462 Wando Park Blvd. Mt. Pleasant 856-0031

Every once in a while, Lloyd’s will put all of its last-season soccer gear for sale on racks outside the front door. Drive up and grab something, and then speed off without paying! Joke. The prices on the outside sales are so good, there’s no point risking jail time. I picked up a pair of $50 kids’ cleats for $9.99 for my 6-year-old. I bought them a few sizes too large, and he grew into them. If your kids are still young, buy ahead at Lloyd’s, and then spend your savings on crack. Joke. —Bill Davis

Best Childhood Game that Didn’t Need Reviving

We watched with an amused sense of ironic detachment when local athletic supporters rallied ’round the resurgence of kickball a year and a half ago — hell, we even cobbled together a team, and if we enjoyed the post-game parties at The Brick and Jimmy Dengate’s somewhat more than the on-field activities, well wasn’t that the point? Lately, though, we’ve watched with concern as some overzealous types, flush with the memory of childhood victories on the playground, have tried to resurrect another youth-oriented sporting activity that’s best left in the smudged hallways of memory: dodgeball. What’s the appeal here? The possibility of smashing in your opponent’s face with a big red rubber ball? At least with kickball there’s a veneer of strategy involved. What’s next? A smear-the-queer league? (Don’t get any ideas.) —Patrick Sharbaugh

Best Place to Eat Your Ice Cream and People Watch
Wentworth Street in front of Eco Fitness

It’s cruel, we know, but what’s more fun than tormenting stationary cyclists and runners? Enjoying a cone while watching others work out is a classic way to exercise your penchant for passive aggression. Turn that guilt you feel for being a couch potato into a weapon. Inflict the pain you feel about your own flabby body onto others. Then again, those you mock with your ice cream cone may turn it back on to you, and who’ll be laughing then? —Stephanie Barna

Best Place to take the Family on a Sunday (including Fido)
James Island County Park
871 Riverland Dr. James Island 795-4FUN

James Island County Park has so many amenities and attractions that it earns Best Park designation in our readers’ poll year after year. It remains our favorite place to take the entire family, and with its off-the-leash area for the dogs, it’s even more appealing. The kids love the playground, which has recently benefitted from some rehabbing, and the entire family enjoys walking or biking along the trails, which are so vast you can try a different route every time you visit. In the summertime, you can cool off in the big water fountain, or head to the crabbing dock for loads of family fun that’s worth more than the measly $1 entry fee. —Stephanie Barna

Best Place for a Jogger to be Attacked by a Rottweiler
Mount Pleasant

Suburban contentment, born of safety and support from neighbors, is unrivaled. Well, at least we thought so until jogger Lenny Moore was mauled in Mt. P by a neighborhood Rottweiler while others looked on. Finally, Lawrence Robinson, a cab driver who’d just finished his shift and returned home, probably saved Lenny’s life by pulling off the dog and rushing him to the hospital. Ah, just another peaceful day in the ’burbs. —Spencer Deering

Best Friend a Girl Could Have
Gadsden Street Dermatologist

A certain dermatologist on Gadsden Street is quietly known as the most skilled queen of Botox in the area. But we’re not going to tell you her name, because there are some friends you want to keep all to yourself. —Ida Becker

Best Place to Get Flossed for the Prom on the Cheap
Garrett Academy of Technology
2731 Gordon St. N. Charleston 529-4970 or 529-4969

At Garrett Academy of Technology, a vocational school for Charleston County, a whole host of beauty offerings are available at rock-bottom prices. Aimed at giving cosmetology students hands-on experience, the options on their printed price list include a curling iron style ($6), shampoo/cut/style ($7), manicure ($3), pedicure ($5), and facial ($5). Senior citizens enjoy a 20-percent discount. The Hat Ladies of Charleston are said to be frequent visitors to the cosmetology lab, and they offer a monetary award to one graduating girl each year. Make an appointment during the hours of 9:30-11:30 am. Walk-ins are welcome when time permits. —Ida Becker

Best Way to get an Anonymous HIV Test
Home Access Testing Kit
Available at local pharmacies

Since 1996, Home Access has processed 300,000 HIV tests. FDA-approved, the test is clinically proven to be more than 99.9 percent accurate. And it is truly anonymous — you are identified only by a code number that comes with your kit. Using the “express” kit, your results are available by calling an 800 number in three days. —Spencer Deering

Best Local Friend to Take into the Tub
Niki Leigh
www.nikileighspa.com 442-6242

Niki Leigh spa products, the brainchild of West Ashley resident Robin Berlinsky, have earned recognition for being high-quality, preservative-free bath products. The specialty scrubs are available at the Charleston Place spa, and the Citrus Sorbet Linen Mist was an official item in the 2005 Screen Actors Guild Awards schwag bags. Several scenesters are fans of the Pumpkin Pulp Skin Therapy. An added bonus: 25 percent of Niki Leigh profits goes to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. —Ida Becker

Best Back Wax
Earthling Day Spa
334 East Bay St. Downtown 722-4737

All hairy men (and hairy women, for that matter) listen up. Sometimes it’s best just to admit it — you’re wearing a sweater, even when you’re shirtless at the beach. If this is you, make a wax appointment at Earthling Day Spa, where a kind young woman will escort you to a torture room for the treatment that hurts so good. These ladies take every measure to make ripping your hair out by the roots as painless as possible — dabbing cream before and after, and even giving you a preparatory, “ready?” before each yank. Once those shoulder blades are smooth as a cue ball, you’ll be smiling all day on the sand. —Spencer Deering

Best Place to Shear Your Beaver
Urban Nirvana
8 Windermere Blvd. West Ashley 720-8000

Good girls might not talk about it, but private grooming is something we all battle. During the winter or when we’re single, we girls use the razor every once in a while, but once it’s time to show off the inner thighs, we head straight for Urban Nirvana. By far the most comfortable of the waxing environments we’ve sampled in town, you can nosh on light snacks while you wait and then succumb to the scent of lavender during the procedure. They’ll wax it any way you want it — from almost natural to barely there. —Shawnté Salabert

Best Coastal Campground
Hunting Island State Park
2555 Sea Island Pkwy. Hunting Island (843) 838-2011

It’s a bit of a drive, but Hunting Island State Park is the primo spot for near-beachside camping. The spots are plentiful and the beach is huge and long, full of a ton of white-washed driftwood and not so many people. If you’re traveling with friends and want to get rowdy, ask for a remote site — you’ll be off the beaten path and no one will complain about the raging bonfire, nudity, or 5-foot tall Schlitz tower you built on the picnic table. —Shawnté Salabert

Best Place to Get your Kid’s Locks Lopped
Belles & Beaus
1058 Gardner Road West Ashley 766-2770

Although it’s only been open since October ’04, Belles & Beaus has already changed a great deal. Its layout and décor have been customized to meet the demands of its most discerning customers — kids. Taking children to get a haircut can be a chore. The little buggers just won’t sit still. The boffins at Belles & Beaus have formulated a way to conquer this: they’ve asked the kids what they want. The result is a salon with plenty to keep the boys and girls occupied, with a choice of spa treatments, music, and videos. Spa parties have proved particularly popular with tweens, who like to be treated as if they’re already grown up. But you’re never too old for a pink princess room, and while the girls have their nails done, the moms can visit the facial room. The boys haven’t been neglected either, as there’s a boat-shaped seat for first-time haircuts. This is a low-priced, cheerful, forward-thinking place that’s trying hard to accommodate what its customers want. —Nick Smith

Best Example of Why Alcohol and Boats Don’t Mix
Rockville Regatta
Sea Island Yacht Club Wadmalaw 559-1410

Every August, hundreds of boats descend on the quiet village of Rockville on Wadmalaw Island and fill the creek next to the Sea Island Yacht Club from end to end, transforming it into the ultimate floating festivity. Rednecks and Yankees alike, people are here to party. The problem is that some of the people on the water have no idea how to operate their boats in the first place, much less that there’s supposed to be a sailboat race taking place in the river they’re clogging, making it nearly impossible to maneuver through the crowd. The fact that everyone is drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the blazing heat compounds the situation. Idiots with no regard for other people or their boats abound. Our advice: go on a friend’s boat. It’s a hell of a lot of fun if you aren’t the one who has to act responsibly. —Anna Hofford

Most Romantic Place to Watch Fiddler Crabs
Palmetto Islands County Park
444 Needleerush Pkwy. 884-0832

Sure, you can bring the nephews and nieces to the Splash Island Waterpark and carouse with all the other families, but for a quiet getaway, take one of the narrow, sandy foot trails through the palmetto trees to the foot of the marsh. You and that special someone can hold hands, breathe in the distinct aroma of pluff mud and seawater (a well-known aphrodisiac), and watch as pelicans flap overhead and the fiddler crabs scurry below. —T. Ballard Lesemann

Best Place to Donate Your Eggs
Southeastern Fertility Center
1375 Hospital Drive Mt. Pleasant 856-1035

Sorry, dudes, it’s a little more difficult than spending five minutes with a magazine and just, um, aiming at a cup. But if you’re a healthy woman between the ages of 21 and 31, you could directly assist a couple wanting to start a family. Of course, over the course of a month, you’ll have to go through extensive screenings and examinations, in addition to a (gasp) three-hour sedated procedure, but you’ll be compensated for your time upon completion. And ladies, $2,500 sure does have a nice ring to it. —Brittany Inman

Best Place to Be a Doctor
South Carolina

South Carolina may be near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to education, but when it comes to sickness, few states have anything on us. High blood pressure, infant mortality, obesity, cardiovascular disease, AIDS in the black community … if it’s out there, we’ve got it! Physicians, for those not in the know, make money fixing sick people. And what with MUSC doubling in size in the next few years, there will be plenty of room to get your doctor on. Whoop-whoop! —Bill Davis

Best Water Access
West Ashley Park
3601 Mary Ader Dr. West Ashley

Squirreled away on the back end of West Ashley Park, across from West Ashley High School, beyond the soccer and baseball fields, is a hidden little horseshoe park that few have discovered, making it a perfect place to practice kayaking or canoeing. The 20-odd acre pond surrounds a 10-acre island. But be warned, it’s a stagnant pond, so swimming is not allowed and leeches are likely. Additionally, there have been alligator sightings, so it’s not the tamest of ponds. But if you want to get away from it all, this is a great place. That is, until everyone else reads this blurb. Open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk, free admission. —Bill Davis