To the redneck in the black pickup truck merging onto hwy 78 at the I26 205A exit: I’m sorry my daughter didn’t move over to let you merge. She IS still learning to drive. It was dark and she has to look longer and harder to determine when it’s OK to change lanes, so she didn’t get out of your way in time to allow you to avoid slowing down. We regret that this was such a major inconvenience for you, but was it really necessary to roar past us, turn around in your seat, and hang out your window to flip us off? I wish you could have seen your face.
You weren’t born learning how to drive were you? Did the person who taught you to drive also teach you that road rage is an acceptable response if others’ driving doesn’t suit you?
Maybe one day you will be teaching your child to drive and you will see this happen. Maybe one day when you are older and you don’t drive as well as you once did, you will inconvenience someone as we did.
Maybe you will read this and think about having more patience and better manners when you drive.

-Learner Permit’s Mom