What the hell is wrong with Mary Clark and who is she blowing on her little Town Council to get them to follow her every whim and flip-flop? I mean, what the hell does this beast have against sidewalks? How are bike paths on Harbor View going too far? Seriously. This woman is a menace to common sense. Her redshirted vendetta against Joe Riley is now against County Council and anyone who isn’t part of her itty bitty coalition of townies. She knows nothing about how to govern, except through baseless litigation, which costs tons of money. She had an opportunity to protest sidewalks two years ago but SUPPORTED the whole goddamned project. Now NOW she comes out and utters one of the most ridiculously lame protests I have ever heard: “the wide sidewalks and bike paths and other aspects of the county’s plan go too far.” What? Are you on fucking crack beast woman of James Island? Give up your place under the bridge and get back to the Walmart parking lot where you belong. You’re blocking progress for the rest of us who live on James Island, you know the ones who leave the island occasionally and who might actually appreciate being able to walk our kids to gymnastics class at the Rec Center (oooh, evil, run by City of Charleston. How dare they offer services to residents!!!) And a final fuck you to the 30K citizens of James Island who didn’t vote (turnout was, what, 3,000 when this stupid town was created?) this is what your apathy hath wrought! Thanks assholes.