As a former Redux Contemporary Art Center intern, studio renter, and current member, I’ve been to enough Redux auctions to hone my bidding strategy. You can count on a fight, but if you come out victorious, the prize is well worth it. More than 50 artists donated works of art for Saturday night’s event, and all proceeds will support Redux’s nonprofit programming. Many of Charleston’s big contemporary art collectors turned out for the auction — and that crowd does not hold back when it comes to a new Nathan Durfee painting or Bob Snead original. However, the auction gives everyone a chance to take home a piece in their price range — without it, I would barely have any local art in my collection. Redux board member and treasurer Josh Silverman played auctioneer for the evening with director Karen Ann Myers at his side to record the bids. The art was auctioned off with prices starting at $35 and going all the way up to $750. The biggest rumble rose for Conrad Guevara’s piece “Fighting for Attention,” the highest bid for the evening — I would say that artist is one to watch.