[embed-1] If you’re like me, you’re trolling the ‘gram every time you get a break at work (or, like me, you’re trolling it for work). Beyond the memes and your friends’ bullshit posts about all these vacations they’re taking — how? why? can I come? — there are some beautiful Instagrams out there. Namely, those that belong to local art studios, galleries, spaces, etc.

For your “take a break, check out art” fix of the week, I encourage you to do just that by heading to Redux’s Instagram and seeing what’s up in their stories. The account will feature sneak peeks of their new exhibit, Instant Gratification, which opens Friday at 6 p.m.

Instant Gratification, co-curated by Savannah, Ga. art collective Aint-Bad and Ashley Jones, features Polaroid images from over 25 artists. (And here’s our sneak peek: you can read more about it in tomorrow’s issue).

Happy ‘gramming.