Rumors that the Redux Contemporary Art Center is relocating are true, according to Seth Curcio, director of Redux.

But the move won’t occur for a while. Redux’s lease runs through the end of 2009, with a provision made in the contract for an possible one-year extension. Even so, Curcio said, Redux is currently looking for a location that would fit the arts center’s character and mission. Curcio is optimistic: “I think we have the support to make it happen.”

News of Redux’s search for another home emerges as PURE Theatre continues looking for a new venue after being pushed out the Cigar Factory. The troupe’s former space on East Bay Street will be turned into condos. Cumberland’s close the doors on its King Street location for good last month. I heard a rumor last night that the Charleston Ballet Theatre might be losing its lease at its King Street location. Kyle Barnette, administrative director, told me these were false.