Redux director
steps down

After nearly three years as director of Redux Contemporary Art Center, Seth Curcio told his board of directors on June 2 that he will be resigning effective Sept. 5, 2008.
A search for a new director will begin

A press release issued last week outlined Curcio’s achievements during his brief tenure: a 35 percent increase in the nonprofit organization’s operating budget, expansion of its educational outreach programs, a membership increase of 110 percent, and an upgraded staff.

Curcio plans to continue developing an online art publication called, which he founded in 2006. He also plans to get back into the studio and write a book.

News of his resignation comes weeks after Curcio emerged as a leader in organizing panel discussions to address Charleston’s ongoing venue problem. One of the venues under threat is Redux. Its lease with the real estate development company PrimeSouth expires at the end
of 2009.

$277,389 for arts
in Charleston

The South Carolina Arts Commission released information about grants awarded to arts organizations, municipalities, and schools throughout the state.

The total amount statewide is $1,982,396.

$2.8 million
in Spoleto sales

Spoleto Festival USA released figures on ticket sales last week.

The final tally is $2.86 million in sales. A total of 73,157 tickets were sold this year, down from 73,390 last year. This year 70,257 tickets were in single ticket sales while 2,900 were in group sales. In 2007, single tickets amounted to 69,690 while group sales added up to 3,700.

There’s not much difference between this year and last, so fears of the recession affecting tourism and the festival may have been overestimated. Still, tourists and travelers likely made their Spoleto plans before gas began flirting with $4 per gallon. Spoleto officials predict the organization will be in the red this year. It could be more, but for now the deficit will be about $292,000. It will be the first time Spoleto has run a deficit in more than a decade. —John Stoehr