[image-2]Pabst Blue Ribbon — you know, PBR — is wildly popular in Charleston. Upper King’s Recovery Room sells the most 12 oz. cans in the world. So, in honor of the brew’s presence in the Holy City, Redux Contemporary Art Center will host their first ever “PBR Art Showcase,” a collab between Charleston PBR Rep Jillian Cunningham and design artist Connor Lock.

Fourteen local artists, many of whom are bartenders, graphic designers, cooks, and tattoo artists, will show their original works at Redux. The show is meant to represent a lot of what PBR stands for, says Cunningham.

“It’s a company that’s open and inviting to all walks of life­­, a come one, come all group with no frills. You won’t see a pumpkin spiced PBR,” she says. The Valley Makers will be playing at the show as a part of their album release party. After you’ve checked out the art, head to the after party at HoM. And if you can’t make it to the show, make sure to check out the new mural painted on the infamously small “back deck” of Rec Room by Lock, Joe Lister, and Beau DiFiore. 

The show is Fri. Oct. 9 from 8-10:30 p.m. at Redux Contemporary Art Center.