If Sen. Jim DeMint won’t bring the money back from Washington to dredge the Charleston Harbor, gubernatorial candidate Morgan Reeves has a unique idea on how to get the job done.

“I’ll bring the chain gangs down there,” says Reeves, a former football player and Midlands business owner. “We’ll dig that harbor.”

On the ballot representing the Green Party and the United Citizens Party, Reeves says he launched his campaign to take on the politicians in Columbia.

“I didn’t think the major parties were giving voters enough choices,” he says.

The candidate says he’d appoint “working class people” to positions in his administration. And he has a response to Haley’s suggestion that the state’s unemployed get a drug test before receiving benefits: “If they want to find dope and illegal stuff, look in the Statehouse.”

Two major issues seem to drive Reeves’ campaign: education and energy.

Reeves would put more money toward technical colleges, vocational programs at high schools, and early childhood literacy efforts. He supports a year-round education calendar and would also encourage continuing education programs for all adults.

“We would have a completely educated society,” he says, before relating it back to what he sees as corruption in Columbia. “All of this will stop the manipulation by Democrats and Republicans.”

Reeves calls for a broader education for students on energy alternatives. He would develop several state-run green programs, including a high-speed passenger rail system and statewide WiFi, as well as facilities developing solar panels and alternative fuels.

“Our children will learn how to do these jobs,” he says.

They’ll then have a chance to become shareholders in these state programs.

“They will own it,” he says. “The money will rotate all the way to the bottom.”

For more information, visit morganreevesforgovernor.com