Women of Charleston, take heart. Our prayers for more music that unearths the perils of remembering to take your birth control have been answered. Enter, the Reformed Whores.

According to Brooklyn-based duo Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, the two “must’ve been sisters in a past life.” After meeting at a mutual friend’s party, they struck up a conversation and bonded over food as they swapped relationship horror stories. “After a couple of cocktails, it came out that Marie played the ukulele and Katy the accordion,” they explain. “By the end of the night we decided to start a band. The fact that we actually followed through with our grand, drunken idea is what’s really exciting!” Voilà, the country singing, real-life tellin’ duo was born.

Ranging from topics such as the reality that is girls — ahem — poop to girl crushes, the hour-long musical comedy will even provide you with a guide to a one night stand (hint: don’t stay at his place). Added bonus? It doesn’t hurt that the free-spirited duo can actually carry a pretty sweet tune.

While Frame and Anderson say last year’s Piccolo show taught folks, “yes, everyone’s a whore, even just a little bit”, the two believe that — with a tour around the country opening for Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang under their belt (which, they want you to know, their belts are cuter this year) — this year’s material will be the best yet.

“Your Charleston audience will see us same lovely Whores, but can expect new jokes, new songs, new dresses, and the sudden urge to join our band.” Evans Craddock