The musical comedy duo Reformed Whores was born at a Brooklyn party as Katy Frame and Marie Cecile reached for the same bacon-wrapped scallop. After hitting it off, the two women decided to form a band — a band that quickly utilized their humorous potential. “When we met for our first rehearsal, we realized we were much more interested in funny songs than sappy love songs, so we went from there. And the rest is musical comedy history!” says Cecile. Now, the duo has released two studio albums — Ladies Don’t Spit and Don’t Beat Around the Bush — and traveled the country opening for big name performers like “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice Cooper.

Blending country music and wildly raunchy subject matters, Reformed Whores shed light on feminine sexuality and the heartache of failed love with tunes like “Whorny,” “Girls Poop Too,” and, our personal favorite, “Southern Cumfort.” Although the two women possess a uniquely Southern vibe, their content has been appreciated and welcomed in big cities across the nation, particularly their adopted home of New York.

“We do great in NYC. Mainly because our songs are so relatable. I mean, who hasn’t felt horny or dated a douchebag? We travel on tour around the country a lot and the thing that stands out the most to us is that as Americans, we are so much more the same than we are different,” says Frame.

Writing hilariously inappropriate songs about navigating the world of love and sex as a woman has Reformed Whores changing the face (and sound) of comedy while keeping us doubled over in laughter. Their favorite part about performing? Cecile says, “Obviously making people laugh is a wonderful thing, but what we really love is the fact that we can spread the message of equality in an easy way to swallow. We are very easy to swallow.”