[image-1]Beginning April 4, the City of Charleston and homeless service providers will begin a five-day effort to relocate the remaining residents of Tent City into transitional housing in the work camp facility on Leeds Avenue. According to a statement released by the city Monday, it is estimated that 43 residents remain in the homeless encampment along Meeting Street — down from approximately 115 individuals that were said to have lived in Tent City when city officials launched their 60-day housing and clean-up effort in early February.

Those still living in the encampment will receive flyers informing them of the deadline for the move to transitional housing. Transportation will be provided to the facility located at the Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston. Anyone refusing to move into the transitional housing center will be required to vacate the area currently known as Tent City. Bus passes, bedding, and personal hygiene products will be provided to those moving to the facility. The city and its partners have also offered to help arrange transportation for those wishing to stay with family or friends who reside outside of the Charleston area.

“During their time in transitional housing, residents will receive three meals a day and have access to basic facilities, including showers, laundry facilities, and restrooms,” according to a statement released by the city.

Service providers will be working with those moving to the transitional housing facility to assist homeless individuals with finding permanent housing, employment, and non-criminal legal assistance.