Stephanie Lunsford Snyder died a couple of weeks ago. It was cancer and she was only 60 years old. I didn’t know her, but she she seems to have known everybody else. She was a Democratic Party activist, a member of ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, SPCA,,, Human Rights Campaign, Human Rights First,, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planed Parenthood, People for the American Way, Save Darfur, and other progressive and humanitarian organizations.

She left many friends. One of them was Penny Travis, who wrote this remembrance:

Stephanie knew exactly what was right and wrong and she hated the previous administration because of the wrongs it had committed against Americans, the Iraqi people – the world. She was outraged that no one had taken up arms to protect us from the Bush administration. She wrote passionate emails to all her friends shouting against the administration and its casual disregard for civil rights and the Constitution.

Stephanie volunteered at the Women’s Clinic on the third Saturday of the month, when a Catholic congregation, complete with black-robed priest, would come pray for the sinners who entered the building to have a legal abortion. ‘Don’t kill your baby,’ they would shout at the scared young women. ‘God loves you,’ they would promise. Stephanie, ever the Southern Lady, beautiful, composed, regal would look right in their mean faces and say exactly what was on her mind at that moment. And it wasn’t always sweet. And when Stroller Dad would appear with his nine-year old daughter in hand carrying the photograph of an aborted fetus, she would look right in his mean face and say… well, that wasn’t sweet, either. And she made signs, as well, and brought instruments of noise — an accordion and giant bells — to drown out the hateful rants of the protestors and the incessant Hail Mary’s of the congregation.

I’ll miss Stephanie – we need more righteous people in the world.

Penny Travis, PhD