[image-1]Last Saturday Tim Maahs, Charleston Beer Works co-owner, was laid to rest. According to his obituary, the 41-year-old died suddenly on Jan. 1.

The news came as a shock to the City Paper. In addition to having known Maahs since the restaurant’s opening, the bar was a longtime advertiser. In fact, Beer Works was one of 14-year City Paper account executive Colby Chisholm’s first clients.

“When they first opened up, all that was on Upper King was AC’s and I remember meeting with Tim and we were talking about their concept and how this place was going to bring in business,” remembers Chisholm. Eager to get off on the right foot, Chisholm wanted to promote Beer Works’ $2 drafts. “I think they had 30 of them then, so we were gonna do this ‘Opening Soon’ teaser ad. It ran a quarter page and it had a red background.”

The idea seemed simple enough and Chisholm felt good about his early sale. “But, as did happen with the printer back then, the ad printed pink instead of red. Tim was going for the primary colors and it was pink pink! I didn’t know him that well, but he was a real ballbuster. That was all the blood in the water that he needed. He would bust my balls whenever he could. He was very funny and loved getting people riled up. I learned that about him pretty quick.”

The two would go on to be good friends over the next few years. To Maahs’ family, City Paper sends its deepest condolences. We’ll miss Maahs and his always entertaining ribbing.