The Faculty Lounge (391 Huger St.) is back. After a hiatus, the one-time key club-turned-hipster dive bar (circa 2012), has been remodeled once again. On Fri. Oct. 24, architect and woodworker Erik Hutson tells us he’ll be reopening the place “with the original bartenders, Dustin Johnson and Keenan Kellett.” But it’s been a lot of work to revamp the Huger Street hangout.

As Hutson tells it, “a few months ago a new manager came in and completely wrecked the place under the guise of adding a kitchen.” Apparently the old bar was gutted and left a demolition zone. “This was unfortunate for many reasons,” Huston says. “While the old Faculty Lounge had its faults, it had a ton of charm and history, long serving as a gathering place for the neighborhood and welcome escape from the increasingly chaotic Upper King scene.” 

So Hutson, and a band of neighbors, decided to resurrect the space spending their free time remodeling the Faculty Lounge on weekends. The result? “A shadowy, intimate interior that complements the signature red dot doorbell and anonymous exterior that we’ve unanimously agreed to keep as shitty as possible,” he promises.

Shitty but music-focused, with some creative cocktails for good measure. The Faculty Lounge will serve craft cocktails, regional and local beers, and whiskey.

Over the past few weeks, Hutson, Kellet, and Johnson have done some soft openings rolling out new drinks. They include a Westbrook White Thai Michelada — “a savory Mexican twist on a Southeast Asian twist on a classic Belgian witbier,” as well as a Rum Collins that the crew makes with a batch of Tepache Hutson’s wife fermented street-market style on their kitchen table. 

But like any club in this town, Harbor, Yacht, Rifle, or otherwise, to join, you gotta pay your dues. Membership is $5, renewals are $1. Interested parties can apply starting Friday.